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Abilene Pediatric Dental ASSOCIATES, PLLC. in Texas is your preferred children dentistry clinic, as it is staffed with some of the most knowledgeable dental practitioners in the industry. From general dentistry and oral sedation to hospital treatments, you can trust our dentists to help calm your children and ensure they maintain their oral health throughout their lives.

Pediatric Dentistry

You won't find a more comforting or qualified pediatric dental center around. Our team of board certified pediatric specialists have experience with handling the most timid and most energetic kids. We made sure to become educated in behavior management, as that truly helps us with making children and parents comfortable.

As pediatric dentists, we have specialized training that many other dental practitioners don't. Many of the children we provide dental care for have had negative experiences, are apprehensive about treatments and require special behavior management, or require extensive treatments. It is our extensive experience with children that helps us calm their nerves and provide excellent dental care.

Two Girls - Children Dentistry

Mindful Dental Practices

The goal of our pediatric dental services is to monitor dental growth and instill best practices in children, ensuring they care for their teeth throughout life. All of our treatments and services are laced with concern, as the key to success is avoiding unnecessary anxiety and traumatic dental experiences.

We treat the very young, pre-teens, and teenagers differently, as different ages respond to different behavior. When it comes to pediatric dental services, we truly have your child's interests at heart.

Our Dental Services & Programs Include:

• Infant & Toddler Dental Home Programs
• Parent & Patient Oral Health Education
• Advanced Behavior Guidance
• Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen Sedations
• Dental Extra-Oral & Intra-Oral Exams
• Space Maintenance & Management
• in-Office Conscious Sedation

• Surgery Center or Hospital General Anesthesia
• Restorative Treatment
• Pediatric Oral Surgery
• Digital Radiographs Treatments
• Interceptive Orthodontics
• Dental Cleanings
• 24-Hour Emergency Care

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